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December 26th, 2016 7:39 am

Hey all, decided to post this doc about the little Terra Miner Hardware / Software setup I had going for a while. It was actually more than you see in the picture but I only had the one pic to show lol. It consists of 10 ASIC Terra Miner Cointerra Machines, in this area.

It was 10 x 1.6 Terra Miners only 8 in the Picture

it roughly equals about 18 plus TerraHash

Run on a  Cisco 24 port Ethernet Business Switch

With 60 Megabit Cable Internet Connection 

Cat 6 Cables

Netgear Router - never failed lol worked perfect and was pretty good when rebooting machines because the IP kept changing off a cold reboot. I had to keep finding the IPs for access to the Admin panels.

3 x 20" High Velocity Steel Fans

200 amp Electrical Panel

Rubber Matt for Grounding

Re Inforced Table

20 amp plugs

Independent electrical breakers

This was a bit rough to keep going at the time, as you remember it was through spring into the summer where...

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